Workshop on electronic documents (2022)


The development of digitalisation is a key challenge for inland waterway transport (IWT). As stated in the Mannheim Declaration adopted by the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR), it contributes to the “competitiveness, safety and the sustainability of inland navigation”. Furthermore, the European Commission (EC) has identified “a paradigm shift towards further digitalisation” as one of the core objectives of its inland waterway action plan, NAIADES III.

One of the overarching topics is the introduction of electronic documents, notably for the Rhine but also for other rivers in Europe. This subject is key for the European Committee for drawing up standards in the field of inland navigation (CESNI) and its working groups, dealing with information technologies (TI), technical requirements (PT) and professional qualifications (QP). Against this background, a workshop on the introduction of electronic documents in the field of inland navigation was held on 8 September 2022.


Press release EN
Agenda EN


E-CMR, a document dematerialisation case study from the road arena

  • Rudy Hemeleers, 51Biz Luxembourg EN

Document dematerialisation requirements for transport by container in the inland navigation sector

  • Marco Zwaap, Danser EN

Dematerialisation of DAVID forms and reporting only once with CEERIS

  • Katrin Steindl-Haselbauer, viadonau EN

Secure implementation of an ISO standard for the dematerialisation of personal documents on a smart phone

  • Paul Ras, Kiwa Digital Certification EN

Case study: A systematic and standardised inland navigation approach to data and document dematerialisation

  • Oscar Kuiper, Bluecentury EN

Initiative on e-tools

  • Mario Sattler, European Commission EN

The CCNR’s work on dematerialisation: challenges and feedback

  • Urs Maurer, Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland EN