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Dedicated website for the lists of equipment and firms

ES-TRIN contains provisions on the approval of installations and equipment, as well as installation firms and technical services. Such approvals are the responsibility of the national authorities under the ES-TRIN and associated regulatory frameworks (i.e. Rhine vessel inspection regulations or directive (EU) 2016/1629).

CESNI launched the website with the following objectives:

  • to enable its members to exchange information on the approvals awarded at national level,
  • to make it easier to inform the public about approved equipment and recognised firms, and
  • to facilitate the work of inspection bodies and enforcement authorities.

Furthermore, this website contains information for public consideration about the inspection bodies and competent authorities for technical requirements for inland navigation vessels.

Database for the application of the technical requirements for inland vessels

The database contains questions, comments and interpretations for which the Working group on technical requirements (CESNI/PT) has given a coordinated response or conclusion. This data results from the actual application of the technical requirements of the ES-TRIN (or earlier texts).

CESNI website dedicated to River Information Services experts (RIS)

This website, which is dedicated to RIS experts, facilitates access to a knowledge base for inland navigation information technologies:

Other websites of interest

A definition of the main terms used in RIS can be found under