SUK Conference (2018)


The third joint meeting of the bodies responsible for the inspection of inland navigation vessels was held in Vienna from April 24 to 26, 2018. This meeting, organised under the auspices of the European Committee for drawing up Standards in the field of Inland Navigation (CESNI), follows on from the meetings in Budapest (2008) and Wroclaw (2012).

Almost 80 experts from 12 CESNI Member States, the classification societies and river commissions, answered numerous questions on the practical application of the technical prescriptions for inland navigation vessels and took part in an intensive exchange of opinions and experience at several rounds of discussions.

Press release


Welcome speeches, Tuesday 24 April


  • Vera Hofbauer, Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology [No presentation documents]
  • Bruno Georges, CCNR, Secretary General EN
  • Petar Margić, Danube Commission, General Director EN
  • Dragan Zeljko, Sava Commission, Secretary EN
  • Marta Wolska, European Commission, DG MOVE EN


Presentations, Wednesday 25 April


  • New requirements in ES-TRIN 2017/1 and databank of interpretations,
    Benjamin Boyer, CESNI EN ES-TRIN-faq
  • Secretariat Connectable pontoons,
    Aren Jumelet, Netherlands EN Video
  • Calculation tools according to ES-TRIN, Ivan Bilić Prcić, Croatia EN


Pooling of the results achieved in small groups and discussion



Minutes of the meeting